One thing for sure I like their band. So I watch YouTube and explore on their works. Man they are amazing. In this post I’m glad to introduce you my new favourite. I could say this brand new band almost perfect because of their performance never use any crap of electronic gadget to assist them on sound!

A Florida-based band popular for its strong acoustic roots and constant drive toward a melody- and harmony-driven rock sound, consists of the three brothers Alejandro, Fabian and Daniel also Stephen Hatker as a drummer.

Boyce Avenue is a great band and most of YouTube user prefers them to being a contestant of American’s Idol. I don’t agree with this suggestion, most of realities TV don’t make sense anymore. People who consider has a amazing talent can vote out at the first round and I don’t like how the system works because you can vote out anytime if the public don’t like you show even though you’re super talented. That is not fair.
To Boyce Avenue… You no need to join any TV programs, because that can ruin your talents. Why not keep market you own product via YouTube and MySpace as well don’t ever border about anything especially that can step you down.