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Monday, August 3, 2009

FAMOUS Smallville Quotes Season 7

Lois Lane: What? I can't believe you've never had famous franks before!
Grant Gabriel: I can't believe anyone's had famous franks. That thing could survive a nuclear holocaust!

[Grant kisses Lois.]
Grant Gabriel: I'm glad I got that off my chest.
Lois Lane: Wow. If news of that spread through the mail room I'd have my name on your door by tomorrow. That's sexual harassment.
[Lois kisses Grant.]
Lois Lane: But that wasn't.

Lana Lang: I would do anything for Clark.
Chloe Sullivan: Even kill. What a lucky guy!

Lara: Jor-El? Is that you?
Clark Kent: I'm Kal-El.
Lara: Kal-El... My son, my beautiful boy. You're a man now.

Grant Gabriel: Ok everybody, time to stop talking, start reporting! You're journalists, not stargazers, let's move!

Jor-El: You have chosen to defy me. This defiance cannot go without consequences.

[Bizarro finds Braniac.]
Bizarro: Look at yourself, you can barely catch a rat.
Braniac: I am the brain interactive construct. No matter my form, my intellect remains formidable. Do not underestimate me.

[Dinah is invited to join Green Arrow's Justice League.]
Dinah Lance: I'm not really a team player.
Oliver Queen: Good. Then you'll fit right in.

Clark: Then why has he [Brainiac] turned his attention toward you?
Kara: I don't know. But when we go up against him, it would be helpful if were on the same playing field. Or should I say sky?

Clark: Not helping.
Kara: I'm sorry, Yeah, I know. It… but it's just really easy. Just up, up and away.

Lois: Okay. Better make sure that camera is loaded with ammo because I got tomorrow's headline. "Daughter of Nobel-Winning Astronomer Murdered."

Jimmy: That Swann woman they fished out of the lake last night?
Lois: Yeah.
Jimmy: I thought that she drowned.
Lois: More like sank. Kind of hard to swim after you've been shot.

Lionel: No, I've repented.
Chloe: That's right, you're an intensely spiritual man. You amassed all the power a human could until you found out about Clark. Befriending him is the closest thing you'll get to seeing God.

Lex Luthor": I Loved you like a Brother Clark but I'm sorry it had to End this way, I'm Sorry...

FAMOUS Smallville Quotes Season 6

3. Arrow

Lois: Likewise. So, I wanted to tell you that I thought you were so eloquent at the Congressional indictment hearings. Sorry aboutyour oil tanker. I'd hate to be a pelican in that harbor, huh?
Oliver Queen: Well, we're gonna go. That's our cue, so... I guess I forgot to add public humiliation to the list of cocktail-party don'ts. I'm gonna go get us a drink, okay? You just wait here, and don't talk to anybody, okay?

Clark: Who are you?
Oliver Queen: Haven't you read? I'm the Green Arrow.

Oliver Queen: That's really incredible. You know you have every newspaper in the country calling this guy the Green Arrow. He's got a real following.
Lois: Yeah, well, so did Charles Manson.

Oliver Queen: Clark, you have abilities I couldn't even dream of. And I admire that you use them to save the people you're close to.
Clark: But?
Oliver Queen: But there's a whole world of people out there, Clark. They need us. With your potential... you can't wait for them to come to you. When you're ready to do something about that... you let me know.

3. Wither

Clark: Mom, I've lost Lana, Dad, Jor-El. You don't see me as a different person.
Martha: Well, in a lot of ways I do, Clark. All those things have shaped the person you are now... and the person you'll become.

Lois: [ Laughs ] Let's make it interesting. Hit that can with your arrow...and I'm yours.

Lois: Better luck next time, hood.

2. Sneeze

Lois: Hey. You guys are not gonna believe what just happened to me. I'm out there jogging along, minding my own business when, out of nowhere, a barn door comes falling from the clear, blue sky and almost crushes me. How does that happen?

Lois: Uh-oh, does Clarky have the sniffles?

Clark: At least I was able to cover half my face that time. This morning I -- I blew the barn door halfway across Small County. It almost hit Lois.
Chloe: Lois, as in Lane?

Chloe: Ok, it's definitely weird. I'll give you that. But it's not "Wall of Weird." It's called a microburst.

Oliver Queen: [ Chuckles ] Lionel Luthor. All those hostile takeovers haven't aged you a bit. Tell me, what's your secret?

Wagner: Whatever powers he had are clearly gone. But, sir, there was someone else in the warehouse... someone who seems to have other abilities.

1. Zod

Clark: I tried to talk to Jor-El, but he wouldn't -- he wouldn't answer. The Fortress is dead. Everything's changing. Dad's gone. I can't talk to Lex. Lana's... I don't know where to go from here.

Jimmy: Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa! Don't shoot! Okay? I work here. You don't have -- Chloe? Hey. [ Chuckles ] This isn't 'cause I didn't call you back, is it?
Chloe: Jimmy Olsen.

Jimmy: Whoa. [ Chuckles ] Grow 'em big in Kansas, don't they?

Jimmy: Catch ya later, C.K.

Martha: Every world needs its heroes, Clark. They inspire us to be better than we are. And they protect us from the darkness that's just around the corner.